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Related article: Date: Preteen Lolita Sites Mon, 9 Nov 2009 11:00:17 -0800 (PST) From: Mickey McCloud Subject: Adult Video Encounter 2Notice: All regulations are in effect. If it is illegal or if you are offended by reading sexually oriented material, do not continue. And as always, practice safe sex!After my last story I thought I would send another experience of mine. This one actually happened just last Friday. The wife was still not giving up any pussy so I was extremely horny. I decided to return to the Adult Video Store that is located about an hour from home. I left work early as it was slow. So here I am at the store at 10:30 in the morning. I had bought a bottle of vodka and a six pack of coolers to calm my nerves and allow me to have some fun. After six shots and three coolers I was feeling pretty high. I entered the store and paid the five dollars it requires to enter the arcade.I went to the back booth which seems the most active. I completely removed my shoes, jeans and boxers. I lubed up my already hard cock, balls, and my sensitive pucker. I was the only one in the arcade so I browsed the movies until landing on one with a pigtailed teen getting gangbaned in a locker room. I was rock hard and slowly stroking when I heard someone enter another booth.A bit about me, I am a 38 year old married man. I am 6', 175lbs, little body hair with a 6" cock. I am white with butch thin hair. I am decent looking but not buff anymore. Eighteen years behind a desk and married has rounded out my middle a little.Anyway no one was stopping by my booth. So I redressed and wandered out to the other booths. There was sound coming from one so I quietly wandered over to find a guy with his back to the curtained opening. Since the curtain was open I looked in to see another guy standing inside. Both had their cocks out and were stroking. The guy with his back to me turned and looked at me. Here I was looking into their booth with strangers jerking off looking back at me. So I did what I was there for. I reached out and started stroking the first guy. Suck me he said. So I got onto my knees and took his seven inch fat cock in my mouth. The second guy inched forward and started rubbing my right cheek with his hard cock. I backed off one cock and turned to my right and swallowed his 6 incher. Back and forth I went bobbing and slurping as hard and fast as I could when the second guy started moaning and shooting in my mouth. That was too much for the first guy and he started shooting on the left side of my face. I loved it!After that I got up and returned to my back booth and stripped again. I wiped my face off with my hand and applied it to my asshole. I was jacking off when a big muscular guy in business attire entered my booth. He pulled out his cock. It was a beauty, seven inches and medium thick. I went down on it and started to slowly suck as much as I could. With half of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth he reached down and played with my cock and balls. I leaned back letting his cock out of my mouth as he played with me. He kept reaching a bit lower each time as if testing if I would let him at my ass. I just inched down a bit giving him better access. His finger found my pucker and he rubbed the slick hole a bit with his finger.When I looked up at him his mouth was open and his eyes were glazed over. He seemed shaken when I pushed his hand away, but when I stood up and turned around I knew he was pleased. His hands messaged my ass. I lifted and placed one knee on the bench seat and leaned forward with my face in the back Preteen Lolita Sites corner of the booth. I then felt it. His leaking throbbing dick was sitting on my awaiting asshole. He just stood there. I began to push back and felt him pop into me as he let out a long "oooo"!When he was in about half way I moved to put my face back in the corner. He started to slowly slide in and out of my pussy. I was so fucking horny I started cumming right then. This must have been too much for him because he moaned and shot deep into me. He stayed deep until he went soft and fell out. I sat down and he thanked me. He was so nice I asked if he wanted to get together sometime. He gave me his e-mail and said he was from Michigan. I am going to see if he is coming to Ohio again because he was fantastic.I thought that it was probably time to get going when I notice a short Asian guy looking in at me. I was still naked from the waist down and had cum in and on my ass. When I sat down I had sat in the load that I dropped while getting fucked. In came the asian guy and he reached down below my balls. Again I inched forward and his finger found my sloppy ass pussy. While he did this he pulled out his cock. It was shorter but fatter than usual.He said he wanted to fuck me. I leaned forward and lubed up his cock with the tube of lube I brought and resumed the position I was in before. Even though I had just been fucked the girth of his rock hard cock was a bit hard to get in. We pushed and then I felt that a ball bat slammed into me. Once he was in I relaxed and he started slow short strokes. He began to speed up and then just pushed and held my hips as he dumped his cum in me. I was stoked!He pulled out and I stood and turned. My own six incher had returned to full hardness. I told him it was only fair that I had my turn. He laughed and said ok. Turning around and bending forward toward the booth opening to the hall. I lubed up my hard on and placed it at his brown hole. He may have been a virgin cuz I had a hard time getting in. I am not real thick and was well lubed so after a little work I popped in. He grunted and I pushed all the way to my base.I fucked him slow for about five minutes when another young guy looked in at us. He smiled and pulled his cock out. The asian guy said he did not suck cock. The second guy seemed disappointed so I reached out for his hard on. I stroked him while fucking away. This second guy must have liked watching me fuck cuz he said he was about to cum. I aimed his cock at the top of the crack of asian guy and he unloaded a fury of cum in the ass crack. This ran down to my pistoning cock and I knew I was finished. I just started cumming and cumming. My knees almost buckled with that orgasm.When I pulled out and sat down my asian friend turned and had a hard on again. He said he wanted to fuck me again but I was too sore. I gave him some lube and he jacked off onto my chest. Six loads in and on me and I shot two. I slept Preteen Lolita Sites well that night!!!Let me know if you enjoyed at mickey_mccloud_99yahoo.comMick
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